Happy New Year 2023 WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script Free Download


Happy New Year 2023  WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script Free Download

How to make money from event blogging scripts?

There are plenty of ways to make money online, and event blogging is one of them. Happy Diwali wishing script, I shared here, is fully compatible with the following advertising programs:

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  • Affiliate Network
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  • Click bank
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These are the some prime monetization methods to make money from event blogging
   However, you can try to sell affiliate products or own services to earn passive income from your wishing script too.

What is Event Blogging?  Exclusive guide

 Event blogging is some kind of blogging niche in which a blogger covers topics on particular days, occasions or festivals.

  Below are prime examples of aspiring scripts for event blogging.

  •  Happy diwali
  •  Whatsapp viral script
  •  Happy new year script
  •  Independence day speech script
  •  Happy republic day
  •  Script of rakhi festival
  •  Happy Lohri script

 In short, event blogging is a technique to make a lot of money in 1 or 2 days

     For example, our Black Friday web hosting deal blog is a viral example of event blogging.  Here we write on Black Friday deals for bloggers.  

This sale comes at the end of November month of the year.

How To Edit This Happy New Year WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script 

Free Download WhatsApp viral happy New Year wishing script 2023

Happy Diwali 2023 WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script Demo

Click on the below button to download happy Diwali wishing script for free.
You have to wait 15 seconds.

Download Timer

Keep reading this article to know how to upload WhatsApp viral Diwali script on Blogger.

Diwali Wishing Script Features

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Ads Friendly
  • Timmer
  • Google Analytics
  • Attractive Images (PNG & JPG)
  • Attractive GIF
  • Auto-Play Music
  • YouTube Video
  • Attractive Background GIF
  • WhatsApp Share Button

How to upload Happy Diwali wishing script on Blogger?

1) Open your computer browser (Google Chrome is recommended) and visit blogger.com.


2) Sign in to your Google account and complete your profile.

google account

3) Once Blogger dashboard loads, tap on the New Blog (from the left menu).


4) Enter your Blog NameBlog URL, select Template and click on Create Blog button.

blogger blogspot

5) Now, go to Theme section >> scroll down to the bottom and click on the Revert to Classic Themes.

blogger template

6) When the HTML Box loads, replace it with happy Diwali wishing script HTML code. Also, don't forget to add ad codes before saving the file.

blogger templates

Congratulations, your Diwali wishing blog is ready to share with the online world. Now it's time to viral your event blogging website on by sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks.

Types Of People During Diwali 🕯🕯🕯

Oh, Simran!
The veneration has already begun. Where are you?
Yes, dad. I'll be there in two minutes.
Everyone has left to fire the firecrackers.
Yes, dad. I'll be there in just two minutes.
Just two minutes.
Simran, my child.
Yes, dad. I'll be there in a minute.
Happy Diwali!
'Happy New Year!'
Simran, my child. Happy 2018!
Oh, God! I forgot to apply mascara.
I'll be back in a minute. - Hey!
She has left.
She will be back by Holi.
Happy New Year, children! - 'Happy New Year!'
Ashu, why did you take the plates?
I had kept them aside for Diwali.
Don't sleep on the bed. I've just set the bed for Diwali.
Ashu! Don't you get it?
I have just cleaned the place for Diwali.
Do not sit on that couch.
Do not sleep on the floor. - Why are you acting crazy?
You are restricting me over everything.
What should I do? Should I die?
Fine. Go out and die. But avoid this space.
I have cleaned the floor for Diwali.
Do you have any idea about the harmful effects of firecrackers?
It creates garbage. Global warming.
Acid rain, female foeticide...
...2G scam, Vyapam scam...
All because of firecrackers.
Firecrackers have caused so much pollution...
So much pollution that it's hard to explain.
We also find it difficult to breathe.
By the way, did you bring the cigarettes?
People find it so difficult to breathe.
Why? Because of such people.
Why am I missing one slipper?
Because they use firecrackers.
Poor animals die.
They suffocate and nobody provides...
...them with the medication for asthma.
Ashish, what will you eat?
Chicken biryani. I want four leg pieces, okay?
These misers! - I don't touch firecrackers.
I don't touch the ones who touch the firecrackers.
My wife has been using firecrackers since two years now.
I have not touched her since two years.
Since how many years? Two years.
But your son had born just last month.
Sir, please give me Diwali allowance.
Sir, please give me Diwali allowance.
Sir, please give me Diwali allowance.
Please give me allowance for Diwali, sir.
Ashish! - Rohit!
How are you my friend?
Forget our friendship, give me allowance for Diwali.
This is your medical bill.
It includes GST and allowance for Diwali.
Ashu! - Yes, dad?
Give allowance for Diwali. - Dad, you too?
It is Diwali for me too.
Give money. - Why do you want allowance, you are my friend.
Don't your friends celebrate Diwali?
Don't doctors celebrate Diwali?
Who are you? - I worked here ten years ago.
Last year I filled air in your vehicle. - So?
Your dad used to give.
So, you have to give allowance, we celebrate Diwali too.
You give it to me too.
Hey, bro! Listen! Dude! - Yes?
Give allowance for Diwali, dude.
You own Mercedes.
You are so rich, why do you want Diwali allowance?
Don't rich people celebrate Diwali?
Come here.
Yes, you! Come here.
Please give allowance for Diwali.
Please give allowance for Diwali. - Me? Who are you?
I have no money, - I don't have it too.
Let me go. - Please give.
I will light a bigger firecracker.
Are you crazy?
Look at it. - It is burning.
I will be fine.
What happened?
Nothing happened. Look at my hand...
I will light a much bigger firecracker than this.
Are you crazy?
Why did you keep it in you mouth you fool! - Don't do this.
Stop it!
I have a bigger firecracker than this.
Hold on.
Hey! - He is crazy!
Look at it. It will blow up.
All of you will get scared. Look at this.
Hello, everyone. All my fans...
...followers, subscribers...
...and whoever watched this video...
...wish you a very happy Diwali.
Happy Diwali to your family to. And yes...
...please do not forget to subscribe Ashish Chanchlani Vines.
And do not forget to watch other videos.
Celebrate Diwali, have fun, and have sweets.
Happy Diwali to all.

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